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Working for a fairer world

We want to make sure that people around the world know their rights and can make their voices heard.

This issue affects some groups more than others – children and young people, women and people with disabilities are just a few.

ICS volunteers support communities to understand their rights and have the confidence to influence those in power.

Volunteers work in a range of countries, supporting society’s most vulnerable. They work alongside women’s groups, campaign for rights for those with disabilities and help prevent forced child marriage.

As with all projects, the work will vary depending on local context and the requirements of the communities volunteers work with.  

Deaf children in Kenya face discrimination every day. It can be impossible for them to get a decent education. Volunteers spent three months working to change this.

ICS partners working on advocacy projects

Raleigh International

Restless Development


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Funded by the UK Government

ICS is funded by the UK Government's Department for International Development (DFID) which leads the UK’s work to end extreme poverty.

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