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With the UN predicting its population of 13 million will triple by 2050, Zambia is one of the fastest-growing countries in Africa.

It was really amazing, just getting up every day and thinking less about yourself and more about the community and the team
Frank Fallon
Volunteers facilitating a session at Lupenga communit

In a nation where two thirds of the population live in poverty, ICS is working in Zambia to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) to reduce HIV and AIDS, alongside working with small entrepreneurs to help their businesses grow.

Playing football in Zambia
© Ben Cassells

Supporting health initiatives

Things are changing in Zambia. Until recently, there was no monitoring of the impact of HIV and AIDS on key affected populations. Young people were unable to access information or services to help them have sex safely. ICS is helping change this.

VSO volunteers work to develop after school clubs and 'youth friendly corners' as a way to reach students and help share information about health services, especially for sexual and reproductive health issues.

Helping people to support themselves and their families

In Zambia, the ‘informal sector’ is where 96% of the population find work. Street traders, farming, taxi services – there’s a huge culture of starting your own business and making it work.

ICS volunteers support projects working with young people to develop entrepreneurship and employment skills and opportunities as well as to build a platform for young people to have their voices heard at higher levels. 

ICS team Zambia

Living in Zambia

ICS teams work across three communities in Zambia - Nyimba, Serenje and Samfya - supporting sexual health and livelihoods initiatives.   All placements in Zambia see volunteers living with host families, usually with one other volunteer.

As with other placements, volunteers living with host families will be expected to eat like a local. Zambian dishes are usually centred on the staple food of nshima (maize or corn meal), accompanied by a vegetable, meat or fish dish.

ICS partners working in Zambia:

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Funded by the UK Government

ICS is funded by the UK Government's Department for International Development (DFID) which leads the UK’s work to end extreme poverty.

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